General Municipal Law



McAloon Law PLLC has had the honor to serve as city attorney to multiple cities and towns in Eastern Washington and we provide primary legal counsel to special purpose districts of many types and sizes, including public transportation service authorities, water districts, sewer districts,  and school districts.

Acting as primary legal counsel or city attorney, we provide legal advice to elected officials, appointed boards and executives and directors of governments of every type and size.  We deliver our legal advice and services to our clients in a manner designed to recognize and accommodate the need to provide public services to the citizens in the most practical and efficient manner.

Many legal problems can arise in the areas of planning, development, public safety, real estate, environmental and regulatory proceedings, public works and procurements, construction contracts and claims, labor and litigation. We regularly advise our clients on methods and tools to avoid legal problems by proactively communicating and collaborating with the affected citizens and developers early and often.