About McAloon Law


A Law Firm Dedicated to Public Service

McAloon Law was founded to provide local governments, and the citizens they serve, with excellent and experienced legal services in a cost efficient manner that recognizes and honors the duties of all governments and public servants to  be good fiscal stewards of the taxpayer contributions that fund our local government services.

Founding member Laura McAloon has nearly two decades of experience as a municipal lawyer, serving first as a litigator defending the policies and actions of local governments and their employees, and then as general counsel to local governments, proactively advising cities, towns, districts and special purpose entities on both routine and unique matters with an eye towards managing risk while meeting the public's expectation that their local governments provide quality public services at all times.  

As bond counsel, underwriter's counsel or bank counsel, McAloon Law applies a practical and reasonable approach to the specialized practice of public finance law, working hand in hand with its clients to document and authorize the public borrowing of funds in an accurate and fiscally conservative manner.

McAloon Law provides clients with experienced counsel advising on the many legal issues that arise during the day to day operations of local governments, regardless of their population, number of employees or budget size.  Non-profit entities encounter similar legal issues as local governments and Ms. McAloon applies her own extensive experience as a non-profit board member in advising such clients.